Swiss Taiji

Lessons planning

The lessons teach you the moves, the Taiji Qigong, the Tuishou (pushing hands) and a bit of traditional chinese philosopy as well.

In Cologny

Centre sportif de Cologny, Salle Passing, Ch. de la Tulette 8, 1223 Cologny

Bus 1 and 9, stop Clos du Môlan

Bus 33, stop Le Fort


Tuesday at 19:00

In Puplinge

Salle de rythmique de l’école de Puplinge, Rue de Graman, 1241 Puplinge
Bus C, stop Puplinge-Mairie
Bus 31, stop Frémis


Wednesday at 19:30

 At Haute école de musique de Genève

Address: Institut Jaques-Dalcroze


Tuesday at 15h10

Wednesday at 16h20

At Geneva international school (La Grande Boissière)


At 17h00

Individual lessons

On demand

Individual chinese lessons and pipa lessons (chinese lute)

On demand